Yoga – A Way of Life!

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In my short life (don’t know if I should call it short or long), I have learnt many lessons just as each one of us does. When we are born we do things as our parents teach us. Then school takes over. We follow the advice of our teachers. Study, read, play. Brick by brick we build our lives and become what we are. Then adolescence and education followed by college and then the never stopping grind of jobs. Life goes on!

I was brought up much the same way just like anyone else. But my foundation was very very strong. I can say that today cause I follow the same values that I was taught growing up. They have not only shaped me to be the person I am but have helped me overcome problems all my life. One of them is YOGA!

We used to live in Lokhandwala Complex Andheri and I was introduced to yoga very early as some classes were started in the garden and many people started visiting the garden early morning for these yoga sessions. I was 16 then and I just loved to practice yoga. In school also we had some sessions about the benefit of yoga. As I started going to college I joined a proper class at Four Bungalows where the lady teacher was very helpful and I learned proper way of doing yoga. Every asana practiced in time and with concentration on breathing.

As life progressed so did my health problems and yoga was a constant companion. I did stop doing it for many years as life took over and work did not give me the space to practice yoga. So often I lacked the commitment it required and waking up early would be achievable. And then I would join a class somewhere and again start practicing the asanas, pranayam and netis.

In 2008 when I worked for Shilpa Shetty who is today a yoga icon for the world, she again highlighted the many good points about food and diet and exercise. She has her famous DVD on yoga and today also has her wellness channel on Youtube under her name ShilpaShettyKundra.

In 2015 when we shifted to Lonavla, I would go to Kaivalyadham for yoga every evening from 5 to 6 and very often continue with the pranayama class after which was also for one hour. The rejuvenation and calm that I felt then is something which cannot be described in words. Would feel like I was in a serene retreat away from all the problems of life and felt completely relaxed. At Kaivalyadhama they follow scientifically proven research based Patanjali Yoga and there a few of my myths were busted.

Since then I haven’t stopped and I am a firm believer of yoga. Life has thrown stones again and I think I am alive and thriving today due to yoga. It is revelatory for self-connection.  Yoga wakes you up and asks you to breathe.  Yoga cultivates strength, suppleness, and fluidity. Yoga asks you to commit to your deepest and most passionate self and cultivate a deep inquiry into your life and your place in this world.  Yoga is a tool for helping you to become more fully yourself.   And – when done mindfully and with kick ass alignment – yoga heals.  So yes, do your freakin’ yoga.

Meeta Jhunjhunwala
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This thought of a blog on road trips had been on my mind for the past year. Having done hundreds of road trips and travelled thousands of kilometres by car, I find it to be the most satisfying experience. My husband Chao and me would hit the road at every given opportunity. Those moments of silence in the car, various moods,, asking for directions, exploring hotels, tasting food in little towns – so many memories and so many more to create. This blog will be my contribution for all of us out there who love to drive and do road trips often. We are the carefree wanderers who love to live life on the edge whilst our life passes by in the Rearview Mirror!!!

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    Yogita Amit Joshi

    I always try to practice yoga with my hubby and these days m gaining more stability in it.. its not just comes out as best physical exercise but also best way to calm yourself

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    Papri Ganguly

    Yoga connects our body to mind and soul. This is a great way to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing such informative post

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    Yoga is definitely one of the best ways to maintain your fitness but even more importantly I feel it helps you maintain stability of mind which is so much more important and difficult these days.

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    Omg you worked for Shilpa!! Yed yoga is such a powerful exercise for both body and mind. Thanks for sharing.

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    Yoga is indeed the best way to keep the body fit and healthy. I do yoga too.

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    Jhilmil D Saha

    Yoga is really beneficial. I have seen my dad do it since my childhood and he does it till now the first thing in the morning.

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    Sandy N Vyjay

    Yoga is indeed a way of life. There is so much to Yoga than just a physical exercise. It is a means to a harmonised life with the rejuvenation of the body, mind, and soul.

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    Ritu Kalra

    I too suffered from hypothyroidism for 10 years..but since last 2 yrs I have been doing yoga and my reports have shown drastic improvement

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