Unplanned road trips – The New You

All my life, the most that I have traveled has been unplanned. The most obvious holidays and long weekends would just be busy with routine work. While the world would be planning their long weekend, we would finish our work, pack and leave the next day for an unplanned road trip. Always avoid crowded places and weekends since the world is out there at that time. I understand the difficulties because I have also been in a job for 12 years of my life. But I would still recommend that when you feel low, you energies are diminishing and you need an instant recharge – hit the road. Take unpaid leave for a couple of days. Zindagi khatm nahin ho jayegi. Pack your basic necessities and travel. I promise it will turn out to be the most cherished part of your life – an adventure that you will never forget.

Be spontaneous

As you travel down the road and see an interesting temple or fort far away, you turn that way. You see a sign thats interesting and you spontaneously decide to explore it. Unplanned trips allow you to do things extempore. Passing by a valley. Stop. Savor the moment. Click some pictures. No hurry to reach somewhere. Just be in the moment. Venture into the unknown. You might just need that. Follow your gut. It will take you places. For me, spontaneity is the best policy. It has allowed me to discover facets about myself which I thought didn’t exist.

Try a different route

If you have an adventure streak, you could try a more unconventional route. With no worry of reaching on time, no one to bother you, drive along the scenic route. Instead of taking the fast roads, go into smaller towns on the way, take a detour to that dhaba that you have read so much about but never explored. Discover new places as you go. This way you will enjoy every moment on the road, will explore much more than you normally would and also learn about new routes. Me and Chao would always drive down an unknown side road and have sometimes found hidden treasures on them.

Solo Travel, Unplanned Trips
Travel Alone

Not so expensive

We all make our bucket lists and feel that we need a lot of money to travel. That’s not the case at all. Backpackers carry one bag and go hopping from one country to another with basics. There are multiple websites which offer budget holidays. Roadtrippers Club has a drive planned every weekend and you could just carpool and contribute towards the fuel. And the best part is that if its an unplanned holiday, you could stop at a homestay or a cosy hotel right on the highway. The other possibility is of sleeping in your car or in your tent. You do not need tons of money, just tons of desire to travel.

Go alone

This is your me time. Just set a destination and start driving. Our mind is a conundrum of activity and this is the best way to calm down. Eyes on the road, listening to your favourite songs, humming that rhythm you love, the white lines speeding by, pure quality time. In India so often you would come along an interesting sight of people traveling in the most unimagined ways and if you have the time, you could turn around and capture that shot or maybe give a lift to the villagers trying to reach their home a few kilometres away. I remember stopping for a few school kids and about 7-8 little ones climbed into the back seat giggling and smiling as I dropped them home. Just very satisfying and these little things make me happy. Their smiles were priceless and their simplicity unmatched.

Read a book, self-reflect, write down your thoughts, meditate and most importantly – Just Be. We forget to do that in our daily lives. Calm your mind. Give it some rest. Go alone!

A New You

Unplanned trips will help you discover so much more about yourself. You could stumble upon a new hobby or career. You will become a better explorer. Your communication skills will improve. You will be ready to face the world once you are back. More resilience, more adventure, more confidence and more positivity. You will find deeper meaning of life when you travel alone and develop better social skills while traveling in a group. A better bond with your fellow travellers and a better you all along. You will realise that random things can be very interesting and learn that giving is receiving. You might smile more often.

Click pictures on unplanned trips
Make memories. Capture those moments

Do it often

Once you try this, I can promise you that you will want to do this again and again. With your family or with your friend who likes to do similar things. Every time you will discover something new and come back with new stories. These trips will be forever etched in your memory and you will narrate them often. Don’t wait for an opportunity, just do it on the spur of the moment and you will never regret it.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and find your car or bike keys. Do it now or you might never do it! Do not let life pass you by in Your Rearview Mirror!

Unplanned Trips
Your Rearview Mirror



Meeta Jhunjhunwala
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A Destination Wedding Planner by profession, a filmmaker, Untrained Photographer and avid traveler from Mumbai, India.

This thought of a blog on road trips had been on my mind for the past year. Having done hundreds of road trips and travelled thousands of kilometres by car, I find it to be the most satisfying experience. My husband Chao and me would hit the road at every given opportunity. Those moments of silence in the car, various moods,, asking for directions, exploring hotels, tasting food in little towns – so many memories and so many more to create. This blog will be my contribution for all of us out there who love to drive and do road trips often. We are the carefree wanderers who love to live life on the edge whilst our life passes by in the Rearview Mirror!!!

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  1. Avatar

    I truly believe that unplanned trips , especially road trips are the best ones…
    Love ur whole new perspective towards this.

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    Sometimes Traveling solo helps us explore the unexplored. The world is beautiful and travelling it in an unplanned way makes it more interesting.

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    Truly unplanned trip is much better and I am sure beautiful too. I too wanna go for a trip to an unknown destination but with myself only

  6. Avatar

    Agree with you it is not necessary to spend a lot while traveling. And it’s our assumption that travelling is always expensive. We can easily manage the budget by doing smart planning

  7. Avatar
    Puja Chopra

    Unplanned road trips are indeed the best thing! Its so memorable and this post is just amazing. I love the way you’ve given all the ideas.

  8. Avatar
    N N Rajamane

    A lovely writeup that actually can inspire anyone to just go and do something different. Instead of always planning things that we do, it might be nice to explore something new. Nice thoughts in each section.

  9. Avatar

    Love the thoughts captured by you in this blog. Definitely a great idea to go on an unplanned road trip to find a new you. After reading your blog, I do plan on going on one such unplanned trip next week 🙂

  10. Avatar

    Well I am spontaneous and I travel quite often but the best experiences happen when trips are unplanned. Great post indeed!

  11. Avatar

    Sounds really interesting Meeta! I would also love to go to an unplanned trip/destination specially a road trip soon. I have have travelled like backpackers before.

  12. Avatar

    I have not taken any unplanned trip yet but your post has inspired me to do so. I think it would be fun exploring a totally different culture and places.

  13. Avatar
    Gunjan Upadhyay

    unplanned vacations are simply the best. We get to make some awesome memories. Your Unplanned Road trip is awesome. I too wish I get some vacations sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonn

  14. Avatar

    Amazing and beautiful post. This is so exciting to explore the destination. The concept is so inspiring. Love your thoughts about unplanned road trips.

  15. Avatar

    It is said that don’t believe what they say, go see! The real fun is to go explore. Well curated article.

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  17. Avatar

    Love your thoughts about unplanned road trips. Speaking of which, I need to do more of it! It’s always great when trips aren’t expensive – experiences shouldn’t be costly. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  18. Avatar

    Self discovery – making memories – stronger relationship with your loved ones – strength and lots of unexpected surprises; that’s what ‘unplanned trips’ are made of! By road or for mad travelers like us; we can at any given day just pack our bags and venture to a close by country! Travel comes with its own adrenaline!!!

    There are 365 days in a year and if we don’t travel atleast a 100 from them, then we are not justifying our purpose in life!

    It’s never too late to hit the road! Get up – Pack up – & leave!

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  20. Avatar

    Love it! Travelling is liberating. You could also perhaps touch upon any safety measures that can be taken by solo travellers 🙂
    Keep writing!

  21. Avatar
    Sailesh Satyasheelan

    Super !
    I like the way the concept is being penned.
    Well done Meeta

  22. Avatar
    Jatin Lakra

    Yes most trips are unplanned ones and those are most memorable too