Road Trip to Shilimb with Roadtrippers Club

After having completed a project successfully and the recent stress in my life (I know I keep complaining, but life is life), I was so looking forward to this road trip. Especially since I got my Dhanno repaired and just got it back – all new (hope so), I was looking forward to a safe trip without any troubles with my car. My Zen Estilo has never ever let me down or stopped on me in the 10 years that I’ve had it. We’ve travelled thousands of kilometres with it and it has been such a boon in our lives. We were so satisfied and happy with it, that we didn’t ever bother looking at other newer brands and models that kept coming in the market. If Maruti wouldn’t have shut its manufacturing, then I would have bought the Zen Estilo all over again. Me and my small car with which I can travel anywhere. For so many months, I couldn’t take it out anywhere, but its now in perfect condition. Yay!!!

Another reason of my excitement was that my old friend Hetal was accompanying me for the first time. She had read about us in Mumbai Mirror and she was very intrigued and excited about meeting our gang. I promised her it would be a trip which she would remember always – a cherished one. So I left home at 6am, picked her up at JVLR crossing and happily chatting away, we drove for an hour to reach the meeting point at Kalamboli – just at the threshold of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. My dhanno was going good and that drive put all my worries to rest. It was ready for the drive ahead. Hetal doesnt drive and that was fine by me as in this trip, I just wanted to enjoy driving. Not do anything else.

Always good to meet Rucha, Suraj, Muffin, Shivani, Chidamber, Archit and Aarin along with Yayawar. Sunil was also joining us again. Was happy to meet Pyro again who’s the newest member of the Pujar family. Naughty, fearless and very cute. Introduced Hetal to them and I think she was amused to meet Rucha who was at her hilarious best in the morning. And we had three cuties with us on this trip – the white oldest Muffin, Colonel’s trained and army personified brown Lucy and the naughty black youngest Pyro. All three labradors and totally adorable. After a briefing by our Captain Chidamber Pujar and lineup decided we started the drive onwards to Shilimb with our convoy of 6 cars.

Chidamber & family – Maruti Ertiga

Meeta & Hetal – Zen Estilo

Colonel & family – Hyundai I20

Suraj, Rucha & Muffin – Hyundai I10

Sunil Naik – Hyundai I20 Asta

The Roadtrippers team (Yayawar, Vishnu & Rohan) – Mahindra Scorpio

Road trip to Shilimb
RTC Convoy of 6 cars. Pic by Yayawar

Next stop was at Lonavla’s Rama Krishna where we stopped for breakfast. It is one of the places which has hot tasty breakfast and we have been going there for over 20 years or more and the quality hasnt gone down. Hot idli sambar is just my favourite and then Chao’s memories also surrounded me. We would eat there so often. When Hetal ordered Rawa Masala and said kadak karna – it was like Chao was sitting next to me and ordering it. Was difficult to hold my tears, but I did. That whole area, every nook and corner filled with hundreds of memories. Anyway I was determined to not cry and enjoy this trip as much as I can and that is a promise I made to myself and Chao. Tummies filled, we left for the resort at Shilimb Valley.

RTC’s specialty is to pick the most scenic routes and so once we left Lonavla, the beauty was spectacular. The winding roads, Pawna lake, it was just nice to breathe in the air and enjoy the drive. Yayawar along with Captain had identified a few photo stops along the way. After so long, this was the most satisfying experience for me. Hetal and me had a heart-to-heart chat and caught up from where we had lost touch since 2008 almost. This is the beauty of friendship. Like we never lost touch and just that we were meeting after ages. I was so glad she had agreed to come for this trip.

Road trip to Shilimb
Scenic Route. Pic by Yayawar

A few kms more and we arrived at Anjanvel Agro Tourism Resort. They have 4 cottages, 2 dormitories and tents enough to accommodate 50 guests. With our bags left in the rooms, we walked around exploring the resort. They have a huge space where they’ve put a jhoola on the tree and I loved this spot. There was a ladder kept near the tree and Shivani climbed up so effortlessly on top. It was so cute of her to take a few pics for me while I was on the swing. Every time I meet Shivani, there’s so much you can learn from her. Her free spirited nature, kindness, fearlessness and no inhibitions of any kind, she continues to inspire me always. I’m fearful of falling down, or walking down a narrow path, or treading in an unknown territory, but she’s fearless and so inquisitive to learn something new and imbibe. A wonderful human being and a brilliant mother.

Road trip to Shilimb
Adventurous Shivani

We also met Ashish, Aishwarya and Sachin – they were called the instagrammers all along as they went crazy clicking pictures. Ashish runs a very popular feed on Instagram with the name Maharashtra_ig with over 113K followers. Aishwarya had won a road trip with the Road Trippers Club and Sachin is a wonderful sketch artist. I’ve requested him to sketch something of Chao for me. Will explore it with him soon. It was also lovely to meet Vishnu and Rohan from ScoutMyTrip. Rohan was our official photographer as well.

RTC Road trip to Shilimb
The Instagrammers. Pic by Hetal Desai

Flowing 2 mins from the resort is a stream and the cold water was a welcome relief from the heat. Aarin jumped in with joy and Pyro and Muffin also couldn’t be restrained for a long time. And dada (Yayawar) had his photo session. Me and Hetal also took a walk in the water and settled down on some stones for a bit, our legs dangling in the cool water. Could have sat there for a couple of hours with a book reading. As I got up to leave, I slipped and was in the water, laughing and giggling away. It was extremely amusing for me and Hetal was in splits as well. Hot lunch was awaiting. Bhakri, with besan ki sabzi, papad, bhindi ki sabzi and dal with ghee was simple and nourishing food. There was a variety of non-veg as well and the food was very tasty and homemade with lots of love and caring. I just enjoyed the ghee so much since it had fragrance and taste just like the old days. Relished it!

Fully satisfied and exhausted, everyone was sleepy and retired for a couple of hours of afternoon siesta. I crashed having slept for only a few hours last night since I was working on a project till about 12 midnight. Hetal, Rucha everyone took a nap. Woke up at 5pm and ready for some hot tea. The ladies made some fabulous tea and I generally do not enjoy it, but just loved it. It was the prefect cuppa with right amount of tea and sugar. Had another cup for Chao since he loved tea. Cheers Chao! The three labradors went running around the property as we all kept chatting away. There was a trek planned but everyone turned it down since it was going to be dark soon. They promised to explore it in the morning but I knew that after they had their drinks and slept late chatting away, no one would get up in the morning early.

Road trip to Shilimb
Boys having fun. Pic by Yayawar

The evening was spent chatting away on different topics like Bollywood films and the celebrities and their lives. Also why do they teach us cos, sin and theta – we just fail to understand that since it has never ever been useful in our lives so far. Interesting topics and the gist of the matter is that we should all live our lives the way we want to, not enforce our wishes on our children and just do what we are passionate about. But most of our lives we end up doing the opposite. Anyway no more gyaan. The starters were a mix of fish fry and barbecued pineapple, paneer, tomatoes, onions and capsicum. The dinner was again super tasty with super soft Ghavan – a soft, lacy, rice pancake, a favourite of the Kokanastha community along with Vangichi bhaji (brinjal curry) and an assortment of chutneys made of javas (Flaxseed), til (black sesame) and peanuts. The crispy alu wadi (colocasia leaves smeared with spiced, sweet and tangy gram flour paste) was just unavoidable. Khane mein tripti ho to phir kya baat hai.  Everyone was off to sleep by around 10.30 pm which is unheard of in our road trip history.

It got cold and chilly at night and I slept with 2 blankets. At 4.30am, I could hear the singing of some villagers from far away. At 5.45 am I woke up, crawled out of bed and quietly slipped out of the room and went for a quiet walk along the road. The sound of the music and the raw Marathi bhajans intrigued me and I just followed the voices and reached a temple where they were singing bhajans. They completed their aarti and the ladies invited me in. Adorned with a tikka, aarti done and welcomed by the elders, I was invited for a cup of tea by one of the farmers. I was confused but couldn’t refuse the offer. As we walked to his hut, he happily introduced me to his family. Wife, his son (he works at the Hilton Shilim which is next door), daughter-in-law with their two kids. The little one Jia was a joy to play with and for those few minutes, all my worries disappeared. I was just content with this feeling and meeting this lovely family and being in their home made with so much love. The simplicity of the village life had filled my being. Chao always talked about doing some farming and having a simple hut in the middle of nowhere. The hot tea was refreshing. As I bid my goodbye, I backtracked towards the resort and an elderly farmer told me – that it was God’s will that I had walked and reached their village. This was a special moment which I will cherish all my life.

Road trip to Shilimb
Happy with the tika adorning my forehead and my cup of tea

Back at the resort, took a shower and after a tasty breakfast of jowar parathas with onions and pickles, we were ready to leave. All of us bought tasty nachani, rawa, moong and besan laddoos from Rahul – our resort owner, farmer, host (all-in-one). He has quit his job to take care of this resort and live the good life. Really happy to see that and we should support him as much as possible. So request all of you readers to promote The Anjanvel resort as much as possible. I’m going to write a detailed blogpost about his resort next. Watch this space!

Anjanvel Agro Tourism Resort

Anjanvel Agro Tourism Resort
Anjanvel Agro Tourism Resort

After a lineup shot and group shot, we were back driving towards the Pawna dam. We took a different route while returning to Lonavla and this was also totally striking. Driving up and down the narrow roads, we enjoyed different views of the dam at different spots and stopped to click pictures. Aishwarya, Ashish and Sachin were going crazy clicking pictures. They had already collected 1200 shots and kept going berserk trying to get creative and at times fun shots. Their bonding was really cute to see, just like they had known each other for years, when they had only met yesterday. Road trips are for lifelong friendships. I keep saying that and seeing that. Once we reached the Mumbai-Pune highway, it was time to bid goodbye to the Roadtrippers and my friend Hetal who went along with Dada. She had lots of questions about our club and I’m confident Dada was able to provide the answers. I was headed to Pune along with the Instagrammers to meet my friend Renu Nagpal (who I had connected with during our road trip to Anjarle) and my friends Anu Manu who have recently shifted into their new home.

Road trip to Shilimb
Group Shot of the Roadtrippers. Pic by Yayawar

This trip was as always memorable and extraordinary in many ways. Anjanvel Agro Resort was one of the best finds of RTC and I’m definitely coming back soon to make a short film for them. It will be a purely personal project for me and most satisfying as it will have both – roadtripping and filmmaking together. I let go of some more inhibitions this trip, went into the water, drove just like the old days, enjoyed the local food and woke up early morning. I did avoid sleeping in the tent since we got a room for ourselves, but maybe next time. That will be different too. All in all, it was a unforgettable trip for me – feeling confident and charged again and ready for my next project. I will not be defeated by life! That’s a promise I’m making to myself. That I will seek and enjoy every moment of my life looking at it in My Rearview Mirror!

For joining us on road trips and to get more information on upcoming drives, please visit The RoadTrippers Club!

Meeta Jhunjhunwala
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A Destination Wedding Planner by profession, a filmmaker, Untrained Photographer and avid traveler from Mumbai, India.

This thought of a blog on road trips had been on my mind for the past year. Having done hundreds of road trips and travelled thousands of kilometres by car, I find it to be the most satisfying experience. My husband Chao and me would hit the road at every given opportunity. Those moments of silence in the car, various moods,, asking for directions, exploring hotels, tasting food in little towns – so many memories and so many more to create. This blog will be my contribution for all of us out there who love to drive and do road trips often. We are the carefree wanderers who love to live life on the edge whilst our life passes by in the Rearview Mirror!!!

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    Loved the review with all the little snippets of the food eaten and roads travelled. Would love if you share the Mumbai mirror article

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    Kudos to your Roadtripper club so many talented people in your group. seems like you guys have enjoyed a lot on this trip.

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    I love your travel blog posts. I had no idea that there were roadtrippers clubs too. You are such a fabtravel blogger. Thanks for sharing your experience. I need to visit Shilimb too x

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    Princy Khurana

    wow, loved the detailed review of your experience. I love traveling myself, especially going on road trips. I am going to check this out. !!

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    Rohini James

    I’m so glad to have come across a blog on road trips. I love traveling and never say no to such opportunities. I loved reading about your trip. Felt like I was there as I read it.

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      Wow I love reading your post. It looks like you guys had amazing time there. Place looks beautiful would love to visit there sometime.
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    Jhilmil D Saha

    I am not much of an experienced individual when it comes to road trips. However, this article is so splendidly written that it has raised a lot of interest to take such eventful trips whenever one can.

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    I didnt know about this place – Shilimb. It shows that you have spent some fabulous days and it was so close to mother nature. Going on a trip with like-minded people is always a fun moment.

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    I had no idea about this place … such interesting pics and insights . Absolutely love it ! It’s giving me travel goals

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    Hey it seems it was a great enjoyable road trip. Yayawar is par excellence when it comes to planning a trip so I am sure it was quite enriching. SHilimb as a destination looks beautiful and offbeat.

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    This piece is fine specimen of travel writing and just reading it I am intrigued. Would love to read the Mumbai mirror article if you can drop the link here.

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    Suraj Prasad

    A bit late to respond..but yes this trip was a memorable experience. We were lucky to have people who connect instantly and adds up to our experiences. The highlight of the trip were the three furries together. Cheers to more trips together.

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    Supergood one meeta…..really enjoyed reading jt….wish i could join…

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    Hetal Desai

    Hey Meeta,
    First of all I’m impressed how quickly you put together this detailed piece. I too was thinking of writing but as always too lazy to write so just uploaded some pics on FB and that was it.
    Secondly, indeed it was wonderful to catch up after such a long gap and yes it felt like we’re just catching up after 10 days, not 10 years. That’s the beauty of friendship.
    Thirdly, I do love road travels but neither my hubby nor I drive, so I’m always looking out for friends with whom I can tag along. I’m so glad you asked me and I agreed to join you for this trip. It was indeed a delightful experience.
    Now for the three best outcomes of this trip for me: 1. The Gang. The road trippers. You guys are the coolest, most friendly and warm people and you were the best thing about this trip. You welcome everyone so effortlessly to your group. And you take such good care of everyone. For eg. You ensured Meeta’s car is always amidst your convoy and never left behind. I particularly loved company of both Rucha and Shivani. Both of you girls are amazing though very different personalities. You are frank, fearless, adventurous and most importantly so self assured and oblivious to people’s judgements. I envied both of
    I’m not used to having pets around but the 3 pets were all so adorable and I enjoyed their company to the best of my ability.
    And yeah Yayavar (loved this name) was indeed very helpful and patiently answered all my queries. I was eager to know more as I was hoping to write about this trip but Meeta you’ve already done a fab job.
    Second great outcome for me was this wonderful scenic route and the ride. And third was the resort itself. Anjanwel Agri Tourism was a sheer delight. The location, facility, food and people – everything was simply excellent. I’m also going to give it a favourable rating on TripAdvisor. Thanks to Sunil also for the ride back home from Lonavala.
    In the end, thanks a ton Meeta for inviting me and thanks to Road Trippers for a warm welcome. Hoping to join you guys again soon on another crazy adventure.
    Love Hetal

    • Meeta Jhunjhunwala
      Meeta Jhunjhunwala

      Wow! That was indeed detailed. And I’m so glad you loved it. Glad that I could keep up the promise of it being fun and cool. Everyone is very chilled and friendly. As you do more trips you will see. Welcome to our club and join anytime. You don’t have to drive. मैं हूँ ना

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    Lovely described everything. Loved to read the small details of trip you mentioned…

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    Vineet Rajan

    Well put together post as always Meeta! Was very interesting to read up about the the morning temple prayers. It must have been quite a feeling to wake up to sermons. What a divine way to wake up in the morning. Heard the place was quite a rural find of sorts – credit of which should go to the team here at Road Trippers Club and ScoutMyTrip.

    I appreciate that you take the effort to stay in touch with friends and it was really sweet of you to have made a trip to Pune to meet Renu. It was her birthday a few days back wasn’t it?

    • Meeta Jhunjhunwala
      Meeta Jhunjhunwala

      Yes, it was her birthday and she complained that I had not brought her lemons which I plucked off the tree there. But then I found a few in my bag and gave them to her. She and Sunil are now friends for life. And I have to thank the Roadtrippers Club for having brought them in my life. I’m in touch with everyone. I try to be. Hoping to meet some more wonderful people along the way!

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    And while everyone was taking afternoon siesta, the boys gang went back to the rivulet to get wet!

    I do hope that I was able to answers to Hetal in a satisfactory way.

    Cheers to RTC and many more to come…