A Destination Wedding Planner by profession, a filmmaker, Untrained Photographer and avid traveler from Mumbai, India. I enjoy traveling the most and feel that with every journey I have learnt something more about myself. As they say – Traveling is like breathing, it should be a way of your life. That’s how it has been for me. And road-trips within India have been extensive and thrilling.

Road trips have always been a very important part of my life and so I want to share stories of individuals and groups who travel via road. Their delights, different cultures, food, language, their difficulties and their happiness. There is so much to enjoy and experience. I hope you can get information and refer to my blog next time you want to plan a road trip of your own.

Traveling is rejuvenating for me, enthralling and always a pleasure. Being a storyteller I want to capture moments, beautiful landscapes, cultures and leave footprints behind for people to watch and read my stories and to inspire them to create their own.